AKASHA are  Jesse Schilderink – sax, Sjoerd van Eijck – piano, Marijn van de Ven – double bass and Pascal Vermeer – drums.
The starting point of this collective is musical freedom: space is created to be able to improvise as freely as possible, whether or not on a collective basis.
The compositions, by all four group members, have an open structure that allows expression, improvisation and interaction in the Here and Now.
A free flow of ideas that move with each other, react to each other and transform each other.
Akasha gives space to influences such as Scandinavian jazz, Free jazz, folk music and modern jazz, but in the end the music cannot be placed in one box. More important is that a story is told and that the whole is in ‘constant motion’.
This intensive and energetic way of playing together is shown best live on stage, which is why the group has opted for live recordings with an audience instead of the sometimes objectionable sterility of the recording studio. (April 2022, Paradox, Tilburg, see: concerts)
In April 2023 the group’s first album ” Akasha live” will be released by Zennez Records.
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Photo by Jappix Meuwissen