Vlek is a passionate bunch of improvisers from the South of The Netherlands.
After the well received concerts and release of the CD Speck in 2012, the group now presents a totally renewed program:
the Smoking Gun Tour.
Six of the band members composed some surprising music: from melodical to obstinate, from uplifting to very quiet, from Africa to Asia, from melancholic to happy.
The Smoking Gun tour will show how solid the collective has become.
Vlek stands for organized chaos, improvisation and joy of playing.

Edward Capel-saxes, clarinet
Hans Sparla-trombone
Jeroen Doomernik-trumpet, fluegelhorn
Jacq Palinckx-guitar
Bart van Dongen-keyboards, synthesizer
Bert Palinckx-double bass
Pascal Vermeer-drums

Photo by Sanne Muller