Twenty years ago, saxophonist Rolf Delfos and drummer Pascal Vermeer got the idea of ​​releasing an album with music by the renowned South African composer Dollar Brand (now called Abdullah Ibrahim), titled Brandage. As a tribute to his beautiful infectious works, two tours followed.
Since then both Vermeer and Delfos have made several trips to South Africa and Dollar Brand’s work still functions as a great source of inspiration. Recently Delfos had the opportunity to arrange 14 pieces for prominent South African jazz musicians as part of the Pretoria Jazz Festival.
Now in 2021/2022, purely out of musical desire, the project is being revived with new repertoire, new arrangements and new musicians; with bassist Eric van der Westen (one of the first double bassists from the Netherlands to collaborate with South African musicians) and a young guard consisting of Robin Rombouts (trumpet), Jeroen Verberne (trombone) and Rein Godefroy (piano).

Rolf Delfos – alto and tenor sax, arrangements
Robin Rombouts – trumpet
Jeroen Verberne – trombone
Rein Godefroy – piano
Eric van der Westen – double bass
Pascal Vermeer – drums

Photo by Tess Hofland